Hey fans,

we have just strengthened the team with two new people, both doing 3D art.

The 3D art portion of this game has proven more problematic then I ever thought possible. My first estimate was three months for the project. During the course of the development the scope has expanded greatly and I really have learned a lot during the process. I have learned things that do matter and some things I did which ended up making no difference. I also have learned the attitudes of people getting into this, and how they are viewing the whole collaboration thing.

One thing I would recommend to any developer starting this is: before making the project, get the crew if at all possible. Some people these days have game development education, connections and are already working their way out of anonymity. If you are battling everything single handedly, including the motivation of team members that will leave on a whim - it can quickly turn from overwhelming to impossible. If people are involved from the very beginning, they will stick to the end. If I could do thing differently, I perhaps would have opted for a simpler presentation, going for the 'retro' style. Something even a programmer could make.

On the positive note, things are going really good now. We are trying to get the game published now, so the game is coming out.