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Ennoble Studios is an enthusiastic indie game making team dedicated to bringing you fun, high-octane gameplay games in image of old school games developed with latest technology. Ennoble Studios is a firm believer in PC platform, but also in values of gameplay and game design that brought us here as gamers. We are also believers in real artistry of gaming as a medium, and do not endorse gimmicks in design. Through vision in quality of work instead of bare sufficiency, through depth and insight we will in the future bring you games that satisfy you both technically and artistically, that are worthy of your time.

Currently, our goal is to create a game which will be really fun to play, challenging, but at the same time in a modern package that is sure to impress with art style. This game is going to be no-nonsense, no-gimmicks, full-blown visual & audio art coupled with fast-paced gameplay.



On being indie developer:

Being indie takes a lot of dedication, lot of time and lot of risk. But it's also enjoyable in it's own way, and especially for the creative freedom, freedom in decision making, good communication, choice in technology, time scheduling etc. That's why, in my opinion a lot of interesting things are happening and will continue to happen in the indie sphere. What's great about so many of us new developers trying to enter into the world of game industry is that there are many new great technologies out there, and creating a novel game does not require huge money investments, or special connections in the industry. Every month I get surprised how many new titles have been made, and some of them are really worth a person's time and attention. I also get surprised how much prices of good games have fallen down, making the market more and more competitive. When I was a very avid gamer, the gaming was an expensive hobby. Today, I'd find myself time pressed to just play all the games that are coming out. But that would not be my perception at all if I was not taking the time to research specifically indie games, as many of them are not featured on general reviewing sites that hub mostly big-budget and console games that have again and again proven uninventive and shallow. Thus, the main concern of an indie team is to get noticed, so that people can hear about their work and make a decision for themselves about the product.


If you like what you see:

Feel free to give us any amount of feedback, because only through communication game developers are able to satisfy the demands of their players. You can do that with comments (we read those), on social networks linked in the bottom of pages, or write an email directly by following About > Contact Us.

You are especially encouraged to write if you feel you have game development skills and would like to join the team. We're always looking to meet new talented individuals, to speed up development process, and to get in contact with other developers. Currently we could use another artist with skills in 3D modeling.


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