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Gru: Ennoble was formed in early 2013 by me, starting the work on first public project Psichodelya. It grew out of my determination to actively start pursuing my desires for being a game developer and my battle for higher quality of life and work. The aim was to create a game which would be really fun to play, challenging, but at the same time in a modern package that is sure to impress with art style. At the time I was fascinated by Shmup patterns and their beautiful complexity, and formed a clear vision to make a Shmup. With no monetary support, connection in game industry, or even a team, I embarked on a journey from a visionary to game creator. With previous experience of just a few unpublished mods, I knew there was going to be a long road ahead...

Ennoble Studios is a enthusiastic indie game making team dedicated to bringing players fun, high-octane gameplay games in the image of old school and classic games, but achieved with latest technological possibilities. Ennoble Studios is a firm believer in PC platform, but also in values of gameplay and game design that brought us here as gamers. We are also believers in real artistry of gaming as a medium, being so without quirky gimmicks or cheap attention grabs. Through vision of quality and love for work, through dedication, care and insight we bring games that satisfy both technically and artistically.

The word Ennoble resonated strongly with me. One meaning of the word is "Confer dignity or honour upon". This corresponds to attitudes of elite capability and calm clarity - there was always a kind of spirit for elite whomever I worked with in the past, and that is the kind of team I wanted to build. The other meaning is "Give a title to someone; make someone a member of the nobility" which is sort of an allegory for breaking into the game industry. The team has to have the strong desire to break into the gaming industry for full time work. In the logo you can notice both the shield and the wings, one as a protection of above-mentioned gameplay values and PC platform; the other as a symbol of creative freedom.


How we work:

SirGru: Ennoble is a distributed game development studio, meaning members from around the globe collaborate on a project using online project collaboration software and communication tools. There is no official office, and we do all meetings via Skype. The focus of team collaboration is expanding each individual's talents and skills as long as tasks flow from the nature of what is needed at hand. In that way, the project is always tightly focused on the next steps, and the team members build skill in gradual fashion. Due to the nature of online collaboration, it means having a less stable crew than studios that work in the same office, and during development it's inevitable people come an go. In this style of work, communication and time management is critical. During development of Psichodelya, I've had the privilege of working with people from various countries, from UK, Ukraine, Japan, Spain, US, Germany. Everyone of these people contributed a bit, and I've worked with people of different levels of skill, experience, age and motivation.




Latest News:
Dialogical is now on Asset Store

Dialogical is now on Asset Store. Create and manage any kind of dialogue without bloat! http://u3d.as/kY0 This article gives you 3 tips to get published and save time.

Latest Tutorial:
Setting up RhodeCode for Private Hosting

RhodeCode is one of the most popular options for hosting your own Mercurial repositories. It installs on Windows and Linux; works with hg, git and svn; offers an automated setup (even under Linux) and allows you to easily manage users and permissions without messing with configuration files and proxy scripts for Hg. Don't get me wrong, Bitbucket is great, but it allows only for 1GB storage (after that they will send you an email daily, and will cap out at 2GB). Since my last project – which was very simple – turned to be around 7GB heavy, I had a serious thought about self-hosting. RhodeCode is free for up to 25 developers which is more then fine in my case.




On being indie developer:

Being indie takes a lot of dedication, lots of time and lots of risk. But it's also enjoyable in it's own way, and especially for the creative freedom, freedom in decision making and direct team communication. That's why, in my opinion, a lot of interesting things are happening and will continue to happen in the indie sphere. Developers can play with ideas more liberally and with less time and expectations pressures. What's great for so many of us new developers is that there are many great free technologies out there, and creating a novel game does not require huge money investments or special connections in the industry. Every month I get surprised how many new titles have been made, and some of them are really worth a person's time and attention. I also get surprised how much prices of good games have fallen down, making the market more and more competitive. When I was a very avid gamer, the gaming was an expensive hobby. Today, I'd find myself time pressed to just play all the games that are coming out. But that would not be my perception at all if I was not taking the time to research specifically indie games, as many of them are not featured on general reviewing sites that hub mostly big-budget and console games which have again and again proven uninventive and shallow. Thus, the main concern of an indie team is to get noticed, so that people can hear about their work and make a decision for themselves about the product.


If you like what you see:

Feel free to give us any amount of feedback, only through communication we are able to truly satisfy the demands of players and hone our craft. You can do that with comments on this or associated sites (we read those), on social networks listed on the sidebar, or write an email directly in this site's About section.

You are especially encouraged to write if you feel you have game development skills and would like to join the team. We're always looking to meet new talented individuals, to speed up development process, and to get in contact with other developers.





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