Suggestions for improving ReorderableList element in the UnityEditorInternal

Posted by SirGru on Aug 13, 2017.

I have recently started using ReorderableList element. I've had to implement some kind of 'list of lists' and would like to share my ideas about improvements. The API itself is mostly fine, but there are numerous bugs and inconsistencies.

Unity C# Performance Comparison: 'is' vs Enum vs Virtual Call

Posted by SirGru on Aug 11, 2017.

Recently I've had to implement a very high performance component that required treating elements of an array differently based on their type. All the elements were put into a list of base types, and the method operating on the elements had to behave completely differently based on these types. I have made performance measurements in all the relevant cases. Code and numbers inside the article.

Design Patterns Revisit in modern C#

Posted by SirGru on Jul 25, 2017.

Command Line Calculator Source

Posted by SirGru on Apr 08, 2017.

This is a command line calculator program, serving to demonstrate OOP and TDD concepts. Calculator forms token trees and evaluates them recursively.

Simple #Unity Editor Shortcuts Tools Collection source available

Posted by SirGru on Apr 01, 2017.

Editor tool to deselect all in Hierarchy and Project views by pressing a button (e.g. Alt + d).

NUnit 2 Cheat Sheet for #Unity developers

Posted by SirGru on Mar 16, 2017.

Unity 5.5 ships with NUnit 2.6. It is accessible through the Window menu, Editor Test Runner. The documentation on NUnit 2 is good, but admittedly isn't very accessible. I will provide my collection of most important attributes and assertions, also with my comments (taken at the time of Unity 5.5 release), saving you the trouble of having to click through the whole documentation. My comments are shown in italic.

#Unity, #UnityTips: ScriptBehaviour predictions

Posted by SirGru on Mar 09, 2017.

My analysis of ScriptBehaviour and the implications of suggested designs at Unite 2016

#UnityTips: How to use interfaces in #Unity scripts (part 3)

Posted by SirGru on Mar 08, 2017.

The upside and drawback of using interfaces in Unity scripts vs base classes, where to use them, when you must use them, and how to use them.

#Unity, #UnityTips: Rename Refactoring without changing your prefabs values (part 2)

Posted by SirGru on Mar 07, 2017.

For part 2 of this article I will focus on the classic problem of Rename Refactoring when using Unity.

#UnityTips: One change in code that could inadvertently change your prefabs: Enums (part 1)

Posted by SirGru on Mar 06, 2017.

Here I show a simple distinction about Unity serialization that could save you a lot of debugging and prefab-modifying time. If you thought changing code in your scripts is safe for your data, you might be mistaken.

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