Code Quality Chronicles Vol 3: A handful of practices #Unity

Posted by SirGru on Mar 31, 2018.

As the codebase grows, pains of bad practices accumulate. The fact that production gets slower with more code, is a sure sign there are abundant bad practices in the project. Eliminating all the impedance - the crud - will increase the speed to the point where production speed accumulates with time. Although counter-intuitive, this speedup comes from code re-use and established working pipeline.

How to change the value of a Dropdown in #Unity UI without firing event

Posted by SirGru on Mar 03, 2018.

My solution, no reflection, please.

Code Quality Chronicles Vol 2 - What not to do

Posted by SirGru on Mar 02, 2018.

This is what I'm talking about. Examples of bad code, straight from Unity's standard assets. I never normally import or open those files, but somehow they snuck in...

Two Interesting Performance Characteristics in #Unity

Posted by SirGru on Mar 01, 2018.

Did you know that accessing dictionary values is slow? Did you know....

Properties vs Fields in Unity What When and Why

Posted by SirGru on Feb 24, 2018.

A discussion about benefits and costs of using properties in Unity.

Code Quality Tips Vol. 1

Posted by SirGru on Feb 23, 2018.

The number of programmers in the world is increasing, but the quality of code isn't improving. Read about my personal observations of code in the wild and better ways to handle things.

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