Dialogical will soon be approved to version v1.2. This is a major release for a couple of reasons.

First, a few customers have expressed the need to work with parameters even easier then before. While these are completely legitimate concerns, at the time of conception all the use cases for parameter operation could be done with provided techniques. And while I would say this still holds true, the new system is now so much easier to use in daily operation.

The first thing you need to know about this asset is that I allowed no hacks in it. A typical example is having a minimap instead of zoom-in functions (yes, some people still try to make that). It is meant to be as simple as possible, while giving you all the power. The second thing is extensibility and connecting with your actual code is the primary concern. Third, I always choose speed of execution over minor user convenience and looking good on paper. This means we do not use any reflection at runtime. 

This is the primary reason why I was shying away from working with parameters deeper before. Fortunately, I have found elegant, simple solutions and added 2 brand new techniques for working with parameters. I am especially proud of parameter sets, which are going to be a standard how these things are done. Anyone who tries to crate a system where you operate parameters inside their Dialogue system "doesn't get it". Yes, it may look cool to less experienced users to have some kind of visual scripting, but this can create all kinds of trouble. Dialogical does not employ any kind of visual scripting, because that is not the problem we are solving.

When these solutions were in the new version, I took a look at the competition. Right now I feel the price should be higher then 30$, and I will experiment with increasing the price even further in the future. Right now, there is no feature to "envy" from any other package. The only thing is, you have to create the GUI yourself, but that's the point. You don't want your presentation to be a copy of a famous game if you are serious about this.

And it appears most people actually aren't.