Announcing DISTURBANCY (New Rogue-Lite FPS)

Posted by SirGru on Sep 29, 2017.

Shoot more demons in a procedurally generated rogue-lite FPS with realistic graphics style and old-school gameplay.

New animated Logo, refreshed branding

Posted by SirGru on Jan 02, 2017.

Check out our new animated logo here: We have a new style and we have refreshed our branding. The look is now much more modern and mature, in line with our development.

MeshCombine wizard and Source Code available

Posted by SirGru on Dec 05, 2016.

MeshCombine wizard and Source Code available here

Dialogical update v1.3

Posted by SirGru on Sep 28, 2016.

The latest and greatest version of Dialogical has just been submitted for review. The price will be raised, so get it now. Read what new features await.

Why Dialogical and why the new price

Posted by SirGru on Aug 17, 2016.

The version v1.2 has just been submitted. I have decided to up the price to 28.99$, which is 11$ more. Read why here.

Dialogical is Now version v1.1

Posted by SirGru on Aug 14, 2016.

Dialogical is Now version v1.1. The news in this version is added compatibility with with unityserializer-ng, which allows saving dialogues mid-conversation if you are already using this solution to save your game.

Published Path To Tree command line program and public source

Posted by SirGru on Aug 05, 2016.

I have created a new program called PathToTree, open sourced on Bitbucket. Program transforms a series of file paths piped in, one file path per line, into a tree structure, similar to what would Windows' tree command create. The intent of the software was to make a small command line utility that would transform the output of hg status command from a list of filenames into a tree view.

Dialogical is now on Unity Asset Store

Posted by SirGru on Apr 18, 2016.

Dialogical is now on Asset Store. Create and manage any kind of dialogue without bloat! This article gives you 3 tips to get published and save time.

Steam Cards Support

Posted by SirGru on Nov 23, 2014.

Hi shmup fans and friends, Psichodelya now has support for Steam Trading Cards. Thank you for your continued support. We hope you enjoy the cards. - Gru

Psichodelya Review by 3RD Strike

Posted by SirGru on Sep 07, 2014.

Ah, second review of our beloved game, Psichodelya has been published on 3RD Strike.

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