Demo Version Information:

This is the Demo version of our little game Psichodelya. It contains one level out of planned five for the final release, and that would be level#3. It is not exactly easy, but not too hard either, our goal was to ensure this Demo is a bit of a challenge.

As always, we appreciate any and all feedback from the players. That's what the Demos are all about, so if you have a comment don't leave it to yourself, let us know through a form in the about section. What game does it remind you of? How fun was it? Was it too long, or would you like to see more?

And another thing. We have decided to give away the full version of the game to one player: all you have to do is complete the Demo (beating a mean boss at the end), film the playthrough, note the score, and send us an email (you can use a form in the about section). You should publish the playthrough on YouTube (or at least the last part of the level). Once the full game is out, 3 accounts with the biggest score enter "finals". Out of the 3 finalists, the one with most likes on the playthrough video will win. In case of the same number of likes, the score determines the winner. Good luck, and have fun!

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